transdermal screw up

  1. transdermal screw up

    starting m 4th week of my cycle of super one+

    only heated the bottle up on the 3rd day of cycle after the first two days applied had globs that wouldn't absorb in my skin.

    since then the solution been when i first heated it up....

    peeps have told me i hsould heat it up multiple times a week....

    did i screw up....gains are not as good as i expected and ive been eating like mad and training like mad and feel i've done everything at best of my ability...

    sometimes i feel the pump, sometimes i dont....sometimes after application i feel the blood rushing through my veins, sometimes i dont....weird...what you all think...did i screw up...???

  2. Open it up and see what it looks like......clumps or clear. Re-heat it........make sure to shake it before each application to ensure no seperation. Good luck.

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