Get your pre-cycle blood-tests done as a must, bros!

  1. Get your pre-cycle blood-tests done as a must, bros!

    I went for my yearly physical last weekend and had bloodwork done as well.
    Got my results in yesterday - everything was fine except my cholesterol seemed out of whack.
    My levels (off the top of my head) were like:

    HDL - 1.01
    LDL - 3.20
    Total - 4.86

    THe wierd thing was that I've NEVER used any ph's or AAS in my life! The last supp I used a month and a half ago was CEE, aside from the regular whey, miccellar, AST's multi, sylimarin (Milk Thistle), and L-Tyr.

    Now imagine I went to use some of the SD I've got stashed away..I may have been ****ed royally, seeing the blood results of CEdeoudes and a couple of other guys!

    Anyways, I doc said no big deal yet - just start some niacin. Lucky thing, I had a few bottles stashed away (for during my ph cycles I was planning towards the end of the year)..I popped one open and started it this morning along with Syntrax's Guggulbolic Extreme (also stashed)

    Again, the doc said no big deal - but just coming across these numbers prompted me to post this here as a lot of bro's aren't getting regular pre-cycle bloodwork done and for the sake of putting on size and strength, they may end up causing major problems later on. I will still do my cycle, however once I get my HDL way up and balance my cholesterol - I will have to re-evaluate my plan of attack and maybe postpone my cycle to later than I wanted to.

    FWIW, I thought I'd share.
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  2. BTW, those are the Canadian standard numbers - for the American equivalent:

    To convert from Canadian units (mmol/L) to American ones (mg/dL), multiply Canadian values by 38.7 to get American values. To convert the other way, divide the American values by 38.7 to get the Canadian values.

    IN other words, my values are:

    HDL - 39.087
    LDL - 123.84
    TOTAL - 188.082

  3. By the guidelines my doctor gave me, you arent so bad off.
    HDL: 32-96
    LDL: Below 100 (now I hear below 90)
    Total: Below 200

  4. those values are fine...
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    those values are fine...
    I agree, but blood tests are a good idea.

  6. for a blood test to really mean anything, i think you would NEED a frame of reference. one random blood test doesnt really tell much in reference to what is going on over an extented period of time.

    take a test today, another one in a month and then again in 6 months or a year. if the trends continue, then you may have a problem.

  7. Yea, I was going according to the standards that my doc had showed me where HDL should be 1.29 or over (49.9 US standards) - that's why he didn't make a huge fuss about it or anything - just when I looked at the report and my 1.01 was under the "ATTENTION" column and the reference said 1.29 I felt I had to do something about it.

    T_dot, I agree with you as well - again, my whole point was just to remind bros to get their bloodwork pre-cycle since *alot* of ph/AAS logs don't have any benchmark values prior to their cycles. Sure, values will change frequently but I mean at least for myself, I'd rather jump into an SD cycle with my HDL quite higher than it already is instead of going into it with my current values. Again reference values may be debatable, however the individuals should be aware of where the stand prior to a cycle IMO.


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