Got the cycle ready, help w/ everything else...

  1. Got the cycle ready, help w/ everything else...

    I don't know whether this belongs here or in training, but since it's training while on steroids, i figured it was best here.
    As most of you know i have pretty awsome genetics, thing is i've never really watched my diet or trained w/ a set routine, so i'm trying to get this all worked out so i can get the best gains possible while on cycle. I'll be doing dbol first few weeks, 750mg of ICN's for 10 weeks, fina during the middle of the cycle, and winny towards the end. I'm around 6" and 200lbs and maybe 8% bf.

    Day 1: Back/Biceps/Forearms
    Day 2: Chest/triceps
    Day 3: Legs/Shoulders/Traps
    Iím debating on whether to do shoulders on chest/tri day or leg day. Abs will be done everyday.

    2 days on, 1 day off

    8-12 reps w/ heavy weight any good? I really donít know around how many reps to do for most mass gain while on cycle.

    4 sets of Deadlifts
    4 sets of barbell rows
    2 sets of Lat Pulldowns
    2 sets of seated machine rows

    4 sets of Barbell curls
    3 sets of preacher curls
    3 sets of spider curls
    2 sets of incline bench curls

    2 sets of barbell curls
    2 sets of behind curls
    2 sets of hammer curls

    5 sets of squats
    3 sets of leg presses
    2 sets seated leg curls
    2 sets of calf raises

    3 sets military dumbell presses
    3 sets side raises
    2 sets of front raises
    2 sets upright rows
    2 sets shrugs

    3 sets Bench press
    3 sets Incline press
    3 sets dumbell press
    3 sets Incline dumbbell press

    3 Sets Skull crushers
    3 sets tricep pushdown
    2 sets overhead tricep extension
    2 sets of single hand pushdowns
    2 sets of reverse single hand pushdowns

  2. I was wondering the samething...more reps hence lighter weight (relative to lower reps) on cycle, or keep the dogmatic approach of 4-6 heavy reps. And secondly, kill yourself with so many sets you come to the brink of overtraining - since your body can take much more with juice, or stay conservative, i.e., 12-16 sets. (More is better with AAS? or keep to the same principles as normal training philosophy dictates?) These are my 2 questions, similar to JohnBlaze's...about what alterations should be made for a workout during a cycle...(again, same goal: mass gains & bulk!)

  3. Gonna hit the juice huh Jon? Sounds like a really good cycle. You work out looks good.......high volume, no worries while 'on'. Just have your post cycle meds on hand, which I'm sure you do......I know you don't really count cals, like just eat like a horse. Rep range sounds good, you could go as low as 6 reps. Cut back on volume after cycle. Also look under exercise/training forum for different training methods/ rep ranges. Wanted to ask what ICN stands for?

    Good luck!

  4. scorpio-thanks for the help bro

    Icn= Only the best test enan ever. They add a little bit of magic to every amp. By far the best thing ever in my life

    ::drools from thinking about them::

  5. Looks pretty decent. I would do shoulders on a different day rather than combining it with chest/tris. I always get a little bit of work on my shoulders while doing chest, especially during incline, so I like to separate the days.

    I also used to do chest/tris on the same day and then changed to do bi's/tris on the same day. I can't really comment which has worked better for me. Right now I guess I would say I haven't see an improvement over either..


  6. I think depending on your body has adapted over a period of time, I regard rotating and remixing your bodypart "pairings" as just another way to break a plateau and manipulate your body into experiencing something different. Other than changing intensity - weight rest ratio, reps per set ratio, or different excercises all together, I find just overhauling your training week can make a huge difference. For years I did Chest tris, back bis, shoulders, legs. (off 2 out of 5 or when over sore). I used to change from bulking to cutting cycles, vice versa, all with dubious net gains. Then, I decided to start doing opposite groups instead, so each secondary muscle group gets a fresh work out. I.e. chest bis, off, back tris, off, shoulders, legs. (Problem with this is you're hitting the second groups at double the frequency...) Anyway, it's been working great for me. I think I'll switch back when I plateau again...though with the gear coming I don't think that'll happen soon.

  7. ummm , do u realise ure doing 28 sets on day 1 ? good luck recovering from that . again day 2 , same thing , over 20 sets , bro , how do u plan to hit any sort of intensity doing that many sets , how do u plan to change up on exercises when ur body stops responding to these ? what else will u do ? seems like ure doing all the exercises u know !
    and after doing 5 balls to the wall squat sets , good luck going thro the rest of ur workout !

  8. I agree. Thats a little much, you're on gear, not Ronnie Coleman. 12 sets for bi's and tri's is pretty brutal. Abs EOD is a bit harsh too, hope you arent using weight.

  9. Then again if you wanna catch up to Greg Valentino...

  10. I would change to a four day split, to allow you to be more intense with each muscle. Also I am a fan of pyramiding my reps.

    I.E. set 1 10 reps set 2 8 reps set 3 6 reps set 4 12 reps

    Or something like that. This way, you can get in the different benifits from different amounts of reps.


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