Favorite Remedy for ACNE

  1. Favorite Remedy for ACNE

    I know this must be a re-occuring topic, but I am just wondering what everyones favorite remedy is for ACNE??

    Vit A? B-5? Nizoral wash? Accutane? Etc......

    I need to get rid of this ACNE!!! It's from my last sust cycle...

  2. Neutrogena (Sp?) makes a body wash for acne that is said to be very good in combination with added vitamin A. We have a couple very good thread here on how to rid acne. A tanning bed is a good choice. I personally cant remember having any acne, but I have posted a couple remedies here anyway....

  3. Neutrogena is a good one, also use dove soap which is really gentle on the skin. i'll try and think of some more

  4. doxycycline is ok for some forms of acne, I also use a special soap called panoxyl and have a script for some face cream that is applied at night. If I am doing everything like I should, I usually dont have a big problem. What do you guys do about acne on the back? Is a hard place to reach..especially with huge lats like mine...LOL jk


  5. Thanks for the replies guys!

    I am currently doing this for my acne:

    wash 2X a day with Nizoral 2%
    using cream 2x a day benzoyl peroxide (I think is the active ingredient.... Its one of those big brand name creams.... Over the counter)
    Tanning every 2 or 3 days

    I have had my acne since the end of my sust cycle (Beggining of Dec. I blame the clomid.....) My acne starts to get better, then gets worse again... Then just when I think it is making progress.... Wham... there it is again.......

    I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow, but I'm worried that, because he knows I use AAS, he might not think it is ethical to help me lessen the side effects of them.....

    I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.

  6. Yeah, that's the catch...to tell or not tell your doctor. Mine knows now too...let's see how he handles my requests for lab tests and prescriptions in the future...I guess I lost all chances with trying to coax an androgel presciption out of him...I was gonna try to somehow get my natural test really low so it would come up abnormal on a lab...but I came clean so now he's ready for abnormal results next time! For acne I use minocycline, prescription antibiotic. Any doctor will give it to you easy. (clean & clear benzoyl peroxide daily wash in my opinion is stronger than any other brand...if you soak your face with it u should have no problems.) Btw, did you only mean back and shoulder acne?
  7. .

    Try everything else before trying accutane, that stuff can really mess you up bro, black tarry stool, loss of night time vision, EXTREME drying of the mouth and lips, to name a few,, i personally have a doc that took care of my skin care needs,, but since moving off to college hes not around, now i just use a face and body wash by Lab Series ( find it at Lazarus) and Retin-A micro,, never had bad acne on the face or back,, just the shoulders and arms,, and too much cleansing can be a bad thing as well bro,,, maybe try backing the washs down to once a day and see what happens,, good luck and keep us posted bro


  8. Thanks for the support....

    The acne is on my back, shoulders, neck, chest, and face....

    Pretty much everywhere....

    I am going to the doc in about an hour... I will give an update later today.
  9. hemotep
    hemotep's Avatar

    I have heard only great things about vit B5...supposed to be the next best thing to accutane. My breakouts are mainly only my shoulders and and upper back, not too bad though. Neutrogena body wash hasnt really done anything noticeable for me.

    Regarding the B5, You just have to take a lot of it, around 4500-5000mg/day for three weeks before it starts to work. Afterwards you can cut the dose in half.

    Havent tried it yet, but I just got my B5 in yesterday and am going to start halfway through my T1 cycle (which will cause me to break out) since the b5 will cause it to flare up at first.

    I orderd mine from allstarhealth.net . Two 200count 500mg capsule bottles for less than $30 shipped which isnt too bad.

  10. OK, I went to the doc this morning, and this is what happened:

    I told him about the acne, and he said he wouldn't consider giving me accutane until I stopped juicing for a year.....

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA..... Yeah right.... Anyway...

    I asked for an alternative. He checked out what my acne looks like, and then he prescribed this:

    tetracycline (not sure if I spelled it right... It's an anti-biotic anyway)
    Retin-A cream.
    He also suggested I wash with Cetaphil instead of Nizoral.

    He gave me a three month dosage and said I have to finish it.... I asked if there are any sides to this medication (because I want to know if I can juice while on them), and he said there are none.

    I'm pretty happy with this, the only problem is.... He wants to see me again in three months to see if my acne got better.... If I'm on something, I may have a bit of acne... and he will know if I'm on something, and may not help me with my acne anymore.....

    OH well I think I'm set for now..... I will post an update on how my medication is working.

    LATER, Crank

  11. a doctor should treat symptoms regardless how you got them...tetracycline is pretty mild, u might or might not notice a major difference...but I don't know what's the deal with this guy, if this guy is your PCP and he's the only one your insurance company lets you see...if that's the case, and you can't see other doctors, why not ask for a referral to a dermatoligist? I happen to have pretty good freedom with my insurance, so I just keep visiting doctors until I find one that cooperates with my needs...I think that's pretty important to have from any health care provider

  12. I live in Canada... I have OHIP and I have benifits from my company to take care of my drug needs.... I can see any doctor I want.... But, there is a pretty big shortage in my area, so its hard to find one who will take you....

  13. i travel for a living and the best remedy i found was swimming in the chlorine loaded hotel pools and tanning. no acne, now my biggest concern is keeping my skin moisturized

  14. Cool, maybe I will go pool hopping.....

    Tanning does seem to help

  15. pools are great... i used to get it pretty often on my chest but it has not appeared again since i moved into my new house with a hot tub and it has been like 2 years

  16. Nik, do you use AAS?? Because that is why I have bad acne in the first place..... It is a little hard to get rid of, and it comes back, almost every cycle.....

  17. nope... but i am in the middle of a fairly good dosed cycle of 1-test and 4-ad. I really expected to see some acne since i used to get it pretty good on my face/chest. but i have gotten nothing on my chest and only a bit here and there on my face. i am only washin my body with regular soap, so it ain't no special cleaner or sumthin.... it also might be helping that i scrub with one of those poofy things in the shower cuz i use chest as an application site for my t1pro.

  18. i am severely allergic to tetracycline. i broke out bad, so accutane for me. however, here is what i would recommend. 3 grams of B-5 a day, witch hazel and tea tree oil wash twice a day

  19. You are goin 2 x- pierinece 1 HUGE PROBLEM stay AWAY from tanning beds if he gave u tetracyc... it does sumthin to make u BURN LIKE HELL! read the pkg insert at the tanning locationor jus do 1/2 ur dose!In the U.K. they sell this awsome cream for 2.00 better than any over the counter cream ive ever seen i ll get u the name of it later.

  20. Benzamycin is the best acne creme on the market in my opinion.

  21. Bump on that sheesh...I have it and use it whenever I have a problem. Was the only thing that worked for me back in the day about 5 years ago when I had teenage acne

  22. is it otc??

  23. As far as I know, its still prescription...


  24. Originally posted by whosyourdaddy02
    Bump on that sheesh...I have it and use it whenever I have a problem. Was the only thing that worked for me back in the day about 5 years ago when I had teenage acne
    I wish this was just some teenage acne.... Its more like some mutant roid acne bro....

    But just for anyone wondering, here is an update...

    I have been on almost a week (the tetracycline and retin-A cream).

    My face is clearing up nicely, tho it wasn't that bad when I began, it has improved some. My back, chest and shoulders are improving significantly. They are very dry, but don't seem to be getting any new ones. I will update again in about a week.


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