Pre-planning help for summer stack

  1. Pre-planning help for summer stack

    I've been lurking around the boards for a while now researching, etc, and finally decided to make a post. I've just recently gotten back into the gym after piddling around the gym in HS for football, and doing mostly running and playing intramural sports to stay in shape after that. I've been working out for 2 months now, and I've put on 12 pounds and lost probably 1-1.5% BF, and can really tell I've been in the gym. I went home last weekend and my stepmom asked me if I was on drugs haha. Anyway, I'm taking all the basic supplements now, protein, glutamine, creatine, multi, etc. Basically I'm addicted to the gym now, after seeing such drastic gains after getting back in it, and friday my Humagro HG pills came in and tomorrow I'll have my supply of Superdrol... I plan on stacking the Humagro with Superdrol for my first 4 week cycle (already got my RXT) and see what kind of gains I get. What I'm wondering is, have any of you seen any results from stacking Test E (500 mg / wk. prolly) with Superdrol, as this is in consideration for probably after I've been off a month. The only thing is, I don't want to get like, "noticeably bloated" and I don't want it to be painfully obvious. SD and Test E seemed like a good combo for putting on the lbs. but the only thing I'm worried about is gaining all that water weight, and how obvious it will be, since I've never cycled before. If the diet is kept clean and I work hard what are the chances I'll blow up? I'm 5"11 182 lbs. about 14% BF right now...

    Also, is there anything I should focus on while "soloing" with SD? Maybe more on leaning out than bulking, would that minimize the bloating and whatnot? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just a little noob... haha =/ Any help / constructive comments are welcomed and appreciated!

  2. you could run arimidex or another AI while on cycle to prevent bloat from test.

  3. I've been thinking about the superdrol also. From the research I have done, I have seen that most people who have used the superdrol have described it as dry; meaning less bloating.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by hethcliff
    you could run arimidex or another AI while on cycle to prevent bloat from test.
    AI meaning what? Anti-inflammitory or something? This is the only thing I'm concerned with, and is why, well along with one other major reason, that I haven't started the test yet, is the bloating... I guess I need to start doing some research on those things then, maybe arimidex, and see what that sounds like...

    As far as superdrol is concerned, I have XT for that, and I'm not to worried about sides or bloating at all from it, being it is lean and dry, like you meantioned simco...

  5. AI = aromatase inhibitor ie. Femara, Liquidex, A-dex etc


  6. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by CarryOnTheChaos
    AI = aromatase inhibitor ie. Femara, Liquidex, A-dex etc

    Thank you! That makes perfect sense now that I see it, I should have known that from what I've read about things "aromatizing" and whatnot... Ah well good lookin' out bro, appreciate it

  7. After a month off of the SD, you should get bloodwork done to make sure your liver values and lipid profile are OK before going back on.

    Also, be sure to take milk thistle and do cardio while on the SD.


  8. BUMP for what kwantum said...

    bloodwork = important for almost any cycle, even if you do not have it done throughout, at least have it done afterwards to see how your liver handle the SD.



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