Cyclo-Test Prop

  1. Cyclo-Test Prop

    SOmeone I Met (SOIM) prepared a cyclo-test prop solution at 25mg/ml using synovex+eagle research's estrogen solublizer+HPBCD. He will be using this at 25mg nasally three times daily. His beginning stats- 175 lbs, approx 15% bf (going only on visual). Pictures will be posted as soon as they can be taken. (SOmeone Else I Met borrowed the digital camera).
    Diet is around 3500 cal per day with 220 being protein. Carbs are somewhere in that general area with most being whole grain or lactose. Only 80g of protein are from shakes. From previous experience, any cals beyond this (even as protein) lead to fat accumulation.
    Training is a six day program, Mon and Fri is chest and back - Tues and Thurs are legs and abs - Wed is bis and shoulders. Tues, Thurs, Sat are also 1 hr low impact cardio. Chest & back days involve different exercises to avoid OT.
    All training is somewhat limited by the fact that SOIM is recovering from a herniated disk between L4 and L5.
    Other supps include alpha-gpc, chocamine, CEE, HMB, GABA (before bed), vitamin C, magnesium, and a good multi.
    PCT will be nolva on a progressive dosing, fenugreek, and DHEA as per Dr. D's protocol.
    This log will be updated with SOIM's progress.

  2. um.....if he cant grow on 3500cals/day w/ 220g protein and he's only 175lb, he is either:

    1) brand spanking new at the game, and hasnt let time do its thing
    2) a liar
    3) a SERIOUS hardgainer
    4) really overtraining
    5) a marathon runner

  3. so carbs and protein are both around 220 huh ... that works out to:
    220g protein x 4 = 880
    220g carbs x 4 = 880
    total cals so far - 1760

    3500-1760 = 1740 ... he still needs 1740 cals .. and the only source left is fat so lets see:

    1740/9= ~194 .. so either he is taking in 194g of fat a day (terrible idea) or HORRIBLY miscalculating his total cals for the day

    first of all i'm on a contest diet and i still take in over 220g protein .. more like 260g .. he needs way more protein and way more carbs ... remember each g of protein and carb is 4 cals and each g of fat is 9

    tell him to work on his diet .. 175 at 15% (and he's probably higher people always underestime this) means he only has 149lbs of lean mass .. he doesn't need gear he needs a good diet and better training

  4. Thanks for the input, I'll pass it along. It's a strong possibility that he's miscalculated his cal intake. That's why I've posted here, the recommendations and additional knowledge are top notch and will be heeded. He's going to give diet modification / different traing a go before resorting to gear.
    Thanks again.

  5. he is going to snort 3ml a day? of test prop? that is supose to be a base when you make a cyclodextrin solution. And that is going to be hard on the old honker if it even works. I could be wrong here but it sounds like this was not well planed here



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