Transdermals: Are companies still making them or...

  1. Question Transdermals: Are companies still making them or...

    Are companies still allowed to make them or is the stuff web sites are selling just what is left over from when they were allowed to make it?

    ^^^^Prohormone banners =)

  2. You can buy our own brand of special "lotions" right here at this site. Click the member store at the very bottom of the screen.

  3. Ah, my skin is getting a little dry anyways, I think maybe I'll check out some of that lotion

  4. I tell all my friends who have dry skin, that BDC Nutrition's lotion is probably the best around.

  5. Haha gotta love them T-1 lotions! I was just doing some research, and this lotion really blows the prices of Avant labs out of the water, with equal or better results! Can't wait to get home from college today.

    Is the product usually shipped imediately or next day (if late at night)? Is it the standard 2-3 business days to arrive?

    Thanks =)

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