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Hello i am on probation in california for assult with a deadly weapon. I need to know two things. First, how long does M1-T last in my system. The second, does california juvevile probation test for prohormonal or straight testosterone? I need an answer soon please.
1. At age 18, you are really foolish to use M1T or any other PS/PH, because...well, there are numerous reasons. Suffice it to say that you screw up your natural growth potential.

2.If you are on probation, DON'T SCREW AROUND with the possibility of violating and getting locked up!

3. (do I really want to say this....???....no.....yes..... ..aw, WTF). ..Don't assault people with deadly weapons. I guess that is jokingly, but I don't want you or anyone else to get hurt, in truth. Take care.