First Cycle Suggestions

  1. First Cycle Suggestions

    Ok in a year i'm going to be crossing over to the "darkside" lol. And I'm either going to be using deca/test/d-bol, or eq/test/d-bol, now i have ppl telling me that if i use the deca/test/d-bol stack i'll be so bloated that i'll look like the marshmellow man, do you think i could keep bloat under control if i used the deca/test/d-bol stack along with some Femara and 2.5 mg a day? If it's a necessary evil and i have to put up with hold alot of water i'll do it cause your put on the most mass on your first cycle and i am NOT going to sacrifice gains because of some water. So here is what i'm thinking:

    weeks 1-6 30mg d-bol
    weeks 1-12 400mg deca
    weeks 1-12 500mg test E


    weeks 1-6 30mg d-bol
    weeks 1-12 400mg Equipoise
    weeks 1-12 500mg Test E

    I'd run Femara at 2.5 mg a day throughout with some clomid/nolvadex for pct, which one do you think i should go for, i'm just wanna milk my first cycle for AS MUCH size as possible.

  2. water is good, helps with joints and strength. those both look good.

  3. for pure size go with the deca

  4. Someone didn't read the rules of the forum.. and in a year, you will still be too young to start

  5. Also you might not want to passing out advice on things you haven't even done.. and see you around..



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