For postcycle

  1. For postcycle

    I got the 50 ml of clomid YJ recommends for postcycle to t1-pro so I can get my test back up, 2 cycles of 4 weeks on 4 weeks off like you guys suggest for the first time users. Is there anything else I should add to the postcycle besides clomid? would zma be benificial or anything else to add?


  2. Related question that I asked in another thread but I didn't get an answer... After a T1-Pro cycle, do we start clomid therapy immediately, or is it like a post-AS cycle where the clomid therapy starts 2-3 weeks after?


  3. Right after. You can use ZMA, to help you sleep etc. I would ass flax oil, extra vitamin C & E and a lot of sleep and water and you'll be fine.

  4. Thanks YJ!

  5. I would take the ZMA both during and post-cycle. A deficiency of zinc (which almost every active person has) greatly interferes with the bodies natural production of testosterone. And all the ZMA does (and its mostly the Zinc in it) is raise your zinc levels to normal so that your natural testosterone production is no longer inhibited.

  6. Sounds good, clomid right after cycle, two 4 week cycles. I'm not a fan of ZMA at all but I would also use it the whole time if at all. Suck down that Barleans flax oil and good luck


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