Oh yes...the packages have arrived!

  1. Oh yes...the packages have arrived!

    So after much deliberation, I decided to keep it simple and just go on a 4-week cycle of T1. And sitting in front of me right now is a bottle of T1, Formasin,6-OXO, and a bottle of FUZU.

    Yes, this month will be March Mass Gain Madness...

    214 right now, hoping to keep bodyfat about the same and be a solid 224, and keep it. Ill probably bulk for two months after that (naturally) and then cut down CKD style with possibly some 4AD to help keep the mass on.

    205 and ripped to shreds, that's the goal...

    Thanks in advance, BDC!


  2. Nice. Keep us posted on the progress.

    You think you need the Formasin when you already have the 6-oxo? Kinda overkill isn't it? What dosage are you running?

  3. Just going to run the standard dosage 8mL/day. I figured it would be overkill - but it seems 6-OXO is better for post cycle, and formasin is better during the cycle.

    I may go with 6-squirts a day too. I just wanted two new cool looking bottles of stuff

  4. lol, alrighty. Have fun!

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