1,4 andro or more 1-test

  1. 1,4 andro or more 1-test

    hey, let's say youre on a bulking cycle (4 or 6 weeks) with 1-t and 4-ad. do you think it would be better to add some 1,4 andro to the mix, or just use more 1-test?

  2. More 1-test.

  3. depends. how much 1test/4ad you have in your mix right now? if its around 15, and the 14andro to get your appetite up, but if you got 10-12grams in yoru transdermal, couple more grams of test or 4ad would be fine....again, you gots to tell us what you have already. if its 1-test heavy already, you might want to add the 4ad instead (etc) Sage

  4. 1/3 gram 1-test and 1/3 gram 4-ad per day. high dosing is not really an issue, just wondering what would be more effective.

  5. The 1,4 is really good at making you hard and vascular and at higher doses above 600 your appetite will go through the roof. Which is good for bulking.. i probably won't use it for bulking again because the cost does not warrent it for me but I will always use it for cutting.... Just add more 1-test you will be happier... BUT if you can afford it hehehe do both... Add more 1 test and get some 1,4 Talk to ya...
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  6. to add what Curt said , I did 600 mg of 1,4 , and I really didnt notice any increase in appetite until week 3. So I think if you were going to do a 6 weeker, then go forward with the 1,4.

  7. It depends, I would probably do more 1-test or 4-ad rather than 1,4. I'm not exactly convinced that 1,4 is worth the $$ in a 1-test/4-ad stack, although my hunger did increase while using it.


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