in 2 weeks i gained 7.5lbs, strength went greatly increased for 2 weeks:

cycle was:

1st week: 10mg e/d milk thistle at 600mg e/ 6 i started having back cramps so i took potassium at 500mg a day...which resolved the cramps by the 8th day.
2nd week: 15 mg e/d milk thistle @ 1g a day...potassium at 750mg a day.

Workout routine was:
Mondays: clean and jerks/ 5 sets of 4-6 reps....follwed with: chest, bi's, tri's, delts...each exercise was 2 sets with a superset.

wensdays: deadlifts 5 sets 6-8 reps....bent over barbell rows 4 sets with a superset of wide grip pulldowns follwd with abs and calves.

fridays: squats and vertical leg press, calves.

tuesdays and thursdays cardio on the treadmill, weekends off.
diet wasnt great but i came out on top with this one. In a week my squat went up 15lbs for one rep max...Deadlift went up by 90lbs for one rep max...havent maxed on bench yet...clean and jerks went up dramatically fo reps and weight...side effects were, irritability, lower back cramps, lethargy for the first 5 days, and a small pee size lump under left nipple that has been confirmed by a doctor that it is not gyno, at day 14 (today) it is smaller. No pimples or noticable water bloat... PCT will include, Nolva at 20mg everday for 2 weeks...creatine at 10mg a day for next 3-4 weeks, milkthistle at 600mg a day for another 2-3weeks...let you guys know how i will retain the gains.