when to start pct

  1. when to start pct

    ok guys. my dad (60 yrs. old) is doing a cycle of testosterone cypionate @ 200mgs/wk. He's doing it as TRT. He's on week 3 or 4 and is planning on doing it for another 2-3 wks. He just wanted to boost his testosterone levels for a little while b/c he was battling the flu/cold for several weeks and thought that boosting T levels would help his immune system. He already started the cycle before I found out about it, so I wasn't able to talk him out of it (I probably wouldn't have been able to anyways....he's a little nutty ) I would have told him to just take Rebound XT for a little while.....oh well. My question is should he start PCT 1 or 2 weeks after his last injection. He's getting Rebound XT (due to my reccommendation) and already has hcg on hand. Any info and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. my general rule is start PCT at the halflife of the said drug, so cypionate, with a half life of 12 days would mean start PCT 12 days after the last shot of cyp. This isn't a golden rule, simply what i go by. if you must, start it sooner rather than later; it's always better to have control of estrogen for a longer period of time than it out of control for anytime

  3. I agree with chasec, I also would go 12 days after for cyp...2 weeks at the LATEST, but as said...early is MUCH better than LATE.

    Also, as far as HCG...if he is going to use it for a short 6 week cycle he should just slin pin 250iu's twice weekly throughout the cycle...but do not use it for PCT as it is supressive


  4. Great. Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice. Much Luv.

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