Sanchez won't appeal suspension

  1. Sanchez won't appeal suspension

    ``I used an over-the-counter supplement that I purchased before the laws banning certain substances changed on January 15th,'' Sanchez said in a statement. ``If I am guilty, I am guilty of not taking the initiative to learn more about the contents of what I was taking. Once my agent informed me that I had tested positive, I then started finding out what was in my supplements. Then, and only then, did I find out about the particular ingredients of this supplement.''
    Yea, I'm sure he had no idea when he walked into GNC(sarcasim) and bought an andro related substance. He probably thought it was a vitamin or protein shake(sarcasim).

  2. you'd be surprised how many people take **** without knowing what it is. it's very plausible. known a few guys that were taking M1T for months at a time with no break and no PCT when they finally got off. thought it was a test booster.

  3. just this week my neighbor told me he had a sythetic steroid from pinnacle. he did not know they were illegal now or that pinnacle sucks.

  4. Darwin award winners, all of them. No excuse for the Sanchez situation, IMO. The guy's body is his livelyhood... wtf do you NOT know what you're putting into it?

    M1T... the FRESHMAKER! boosts test, love that

  5. most guys dont get to the big leagues cause they are busting their ass in the gym. I use to play baseball and the weight room is the last thing on anyones mind. So to me he most likely was given what ever it was and just blindly took it.
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