Beginner Q?

  1. Beginner Q?

    Hey Guys, I have never done a cycle of gear before. Last summer I did a cycle of m1t with fairly good gains, 15lbs. in 5 weeks, with pretty much no side effects. Because I had never done anything like this and I was starting with supposedly one of the harshest phs, I was a little cautious, pyramiding up and down at the beginning and end of the cycle, followed by proper pct. I am 23 and have been working out 5 years off and on but really only consistantly for the last 2 years, I have a good diet high in protein, quality carbs(oatmeal, potatoes, brown rice etc.) and fairly low in fats. My training is split so that I work each body part once a week and absolutely kill it that day. Sorry for all the excess info but I just wanted you guys to know where Im coming from. Anyways, I have been doin a fair bit of research on here and Im thinking of doin a cycle of d-bol becaues it has high strength and mass gains which im looking for. I have seen alot about stacking it with deca, and I have seen many people say that you need test. I was wondering if a cycle of d-bol on its own is fine or should i stack it with deca or test. I have heard that the deca/d-bol is great for mass and strength, and I think it doesnt need to be run as long as the test cycle. Other things that need to be considered would be dosage, I figure I would start maybe for a a couple days 10-15mg then up to 20mg and stay there, unless Im not feeling the effects properly. If I was going to do a stack I think I would prefer to stack the d-bol with deca, and I would prolly do about 300mg/week of that. I figure I would run about a 6-8 week cycle nothing too huge. Last question is Nolva obvisouly has to be taken after the cylce, but I was wondering if it is beneficial to take it through the whole cycle to help prevent some sides? Any info or critque of my ideas would greatly be appreciated, thanks alot guys.


  2. First off oral only cycles are not recommended around here so you're going to here a lot of that. I personally agree w/this and also think that test should be the base of every cycle. Second m1t is a steroid and gives gains like a steroid and is very hard on your liver. So even though you didn't "feel" any sides i promise you your lipid profile was screwed.

    A great "bread and butter" cycle is test/dbol/deca and may look like this.
    1-4 dbol 30 mg ED
    1-12 deca 400 mg's ew
    1-13 test 500 mg's ew

    start pct week 15 w/nolva.
    run hcg from week 5-14 at 250 iu's twice a week.

    Another great beginner cycle would be:
    1-4 dbol 30 mg's ED
    1-12 Test 500 mg's ew

    following same pct protocol
    hcg 5-14 250 iu's twice a week.

    Also there is no need to pyramid your dbol or any AAS for that matter. Just start w/your dose and keep it there.

  3. Just as Sticks said, pick from either of those two cycles he suggested. Deca @ 300mg/week is probably too low to notice any gains, and Deca should be ran at least 10 weeks, preferably 12. It depends on the person as everyone reacts differently, but a deca/dbol cycle will probably make your "third leg" rather useless and flacid for a long period of time without any test in there.

  4. I like Sticks second cycle. Simply and direct. Plus it won't cost you an arm and a leg to do it.

  5. Or substitute EQ (400-600mg) in place of DECA.

  6. First things first: after a five week cycle of M1T, no matter how long ago, some blood work is probably in order to make sure everything's okay. Then you can procede from there. I personally think an all oral cycle can be effective. Muscle is muscle and hormones are hormones. Although, I wouldn't necessarily run a Dbol only cycle, nor is it a good idea to stack methyls so you end up back at injectables for a good basic cycle no matter what. I like the second cycle. It's simple. Maybe consider compounds that are more androgenic and less 'wet' than Dbol since you'd already have testosterone aromatizing aplenty. Aromatase inhibitors are a must for most people on a cycle like this.


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