Anadrol and Liver Maintainence

  1. Anadrol and Liver Maintainence

    My 3rd cycle's coming up which includes 50mg anadrol ED for 4 weeks since it's my first time taking it. One person reccommended milk thistle ed to help out the liver since it's a virgin to anadrol. He also reccommended I quit drinking (which I only do about once a week anyway). Any thoughts, support, or reccommendations? Thanks.

  2. KRALA, NAC and milk thistle... in order of importance. NO drinking on cycle.

  3. Never heard of KRALA or NAC to tell you the truth, what are they and are they OTC? I forgot to mention, for those of you who don't know that A-bombs are I 7-alpha alkylated, so that explains the liver toxicity, but most stackers take more than 50mg ed and don't notice serious health conditions, so not that concerned. Unfortunately, sometimes an increase in liver values of GOT and GPT (transaminases - indications of hepatitis) can't be avoided, that's what I'm scared of. A-bombs also contain oxymetholone, which induces the release of bile and sometimes causes a yellow discoloration of the skin, but that's no biggie. Everything's supposed to go back to normal in a couple weeks just like testicular shutdown, only without a PCT for the liver. Anymore tips?

  4. jaundice IS a biggie. research some more man

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