kynoselen ? is it any good ?

  1. kynoselen ? is it any good ?

    kynoselen is a vet drug from france currently you cant get it without a script from various websites google it.....anyway it gives you endurance,burns bf ,increases recovery ,anti catabolic,it can be used sub-q or im,i've heard that some cometiters use it for show prep.i dont know myself if its anygood but im gonna try it [test]and see

  2. I would totally be interested in your experiences with this compound. The more detail the better negative/positive effects everything.

  3. I have used it and I like it. I wouldn't say that it is very dramatic but I like it for the general pick up that I feel from it. Most likely it is the B12 that is in it.

  4. well i'll be geting mine soon , and i'll post my thoughs on it good or bad....also anybody lookin for it be careful what you buy because there are two versions of this drug[kynoselen] the us version which has no active ingredient [heptaminol and AMP] THE US VERSION HAS NEITHER JUST ATP. and they say that is the active thats bullship just hype to get you to buy there ****.

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