new goal

  1. new goal

    Well i decided to not go along with the bulk i not want a LBM cycle. I have some TEST E, EQ, HCG, and Nolva. I cna get my hands on other stuf just tell me what. Can you guys come up with a 12 week cycel and PCT for me. This is a lean bulk so i will be taking in about 400 G of Protein.

  2. No you can come up with the cycle and we will offer some suggestions.. please take the time to do the research on what and why are are doing what you are doing.. don't just do it because someone tells you this is why you need to do it..

  3. Sorry im really lazy today because of Amrch madness heres what i got:
    week 1-12EQ 400 mg
    1-13 test E 500 mg
    1-4 Dbol 30mg
    3-14 Hcg 250 Ius week
    PCT 16-20: Nolva 60/40/40/20
    adex .5ed if bloating is bad

  4. Looks good to me... nice bandb cycle...

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