1-T and 4-AD Dosage as 2nd Cycle

  1. 1-T and 4-AD Dosage as 2nd Cycle

    I will be starting my 2nd PH cycle in about 2 weeks with a transdermal of 1-T and 4-AD. I was thinking of 250mg of 1-T and 400mg of 4-AD each day. Is this a good dosage or should I bump it up to 300mg of 1-T and 450mg of 4-AD, or move it down to 200mg/300mg like S1+ was? Any help is appreciated. Also if people are interested I am thinking of posting a log of this cycle, but I am not sure if anyone really cares about it, let me know if anyone is. Thanks a lot.

    My stats:
    22 years old
    180 lbs.
    ~16% BF
    5 years lifting exp.
    Max Bench right now ~245
    Max Squat right now ~325

  2. bump please

  3. with me [email protected] & [email protected] worked great. Some will disagree with me but I think 400mg 0f 4ad is to much, but I bloat fairly easily.

  4. My first cycle was S1+ and I responded very well. My next cycle I am mixing myself and will be 1-T/250mg and 4AD/333mg each day. I wanted to increase the dosages but not the same % for each. I wanted to help limit the bloating. I went up 20% for the 1-T and 11% for the 4AD

  5. So the 4-AD causes extra water retention? At how many mgs a day does this really start to take effect? Also, what kind of results did you guys get from your cycles and how long were they? Thanks



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