1. tri-max

    ive just finished doing quite a bit of research on the board
    and found a lot of info concerning the use of 7-oh. In particular
    Im after the use of 7-oh as a PCT source for a 2 week cycle of tri-max.
    Is there a different protocol you guys prefer for pct use instead of the regular fat loss
    idea? I understand the fat loss one with the times surrounding cortisol etc... but I don't think
    my case is similar since fat loss post tri-max is almost imaginable considering my suppressed thyroid.

    So, any ideas? thanks fellas.

  2. I think CNW said your thyroid wouldn't really be shut down that bad after only a 2 week cycle, thus no need for PCT. But 7-OH is a good product all around, not just Trimax PCT.

  3. Over on the Supplements board there are several good threads, plus a sticky.

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