Another M1t cycle

  1. Another M1t cycle

    5th day of m1t, lower back pain starting...but im not sure if this is due to M1t, i did perform very heavy deadlifts wensday and i did feel a back strain during dead runnin a 2 week cycle:

    first week: 10mg e/d...milk thistle: 800mg e/d

    2nd week: 15mg e/d...milk thistle 1000mg, e/d

    3rd week: After last pill of M1t i will start nolva at 20mg e/d for 2-3 weeks along with milk thistle for the third week at 1000mg e/d....this is my first m1t cycle, last time i took a methyl it was m-dien and far no acne no lethargy, nothng besides some lower back pain that is seeming to fall away by relaxing...oh, also ive been hungry, real weight when i started was 178-180...weight wensday was 181-182 that was on day 4...little weight gain not much diet could be better, but strength is up to 80lbs heavier for deadlift, feel like i can go for hours as well... I feel tight, strong, energetic which is a weird deal since one is suspected to feel lethargic...anyways any hints to this cycle would be great input is welcome. thanks and i'll keep u posted on the results.

  2. if the lower back pain is caused by m1t, what can help prevent this?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by blitzit
    if the lower back pain is caused by m1t, what can help prevent this?
    I beleive they prescribe potatssium to help with this, maybe taurine as well. GL on ur cycle man.

  4. i also noticed drinkin a lot of water helps

  5. 3-5g ed of Taurine helped me tremendously with the cramping. I've also use this when I run clen and it's a great cheap supp.

  6. thanks alot guys....2-3 weeks of nolva at 20mg a day should suffice?

  7. nolva should run 40/40/20/20 m1t is a steriod treat it as such and do a proper pct also start the milk thistle as soon as you get off the m1t dont wait tell the 3 week of your pct


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