Steroid Half Life times

  1. Steroid Half Life times

    I originally found this on the web and posted it at FG. Thought this might help some people!

    This article covers the half-life's of the most commonly used steroids,
    esters and ancillary compounds.

    Oral steroids Drug Active half-life
    Anadrol / Anapolan50 (oxymetholone) 8 to 9 hours
    Anavar (oxandrolone) 9 hours
    Dianabol (methandrostenolone, methandienone) 4.5 to 6 hours
    Methyltestosterone 4 days
    Winstrol (stanozolol)
    (tablets or depot taken orally) 9 hours

    Depot steroids Drug Active half-life
    Deca-durabolin (Nandrolone decanate) 15 days
    Equipoise 14 days
    Finaject (trenbolone acetate) 3 days
    Primobolan (methenolone enanthate) 10.5 days
    Sustanon or Omnadren 15 to 18 days
    Testosterone Cypionate 12 days
    Testosterone Enanthate 10.5 days
    Testosterone Propionate 4.5 days
    Testosterone Suspension 1 day
    * Winstrol (stanozolol) 1 day

    *Winstrol depot does not actually possess a classical half-life because it
    is un-esterified. Instead, the microcrystals dissolve slowly. Once they have
    all dissolved levels of the drug fall very rapidly. It is still an important
    consideration, and we have included it with a half-life of one day.

    Steroid esters Drug Active half-life
    Formate 1.5 days
    Acetate 3 days
    Propionate 4.5 days
    Phenylpropionate 4.5 days
    Butyrate 6 days
    Valerate 7.5 days
    Hexanoate 9 days
    Caproate 9 days
    Isocaproate 9 days
    Heptanoate 10.5 days
    Enanthate 10.5 days
    Octanoate 12 days
    Cypionate 12 days
    Nonanoate 13.5 days
    Decanoate 15 days
    Undecanoate 16.5 days

    Ancillaries Drug Active half-life
    Arimidex 3 days
    Clenbuterol 1.5 days
    Clomid 5 days
    Cytadren 6 hours
    Ephedrine 6 hours
    T3 10 hours

    A practical example is if one was to inject 100mg of testosterone propionate and allow blood levels to peak. In 4.5 days time (half-life duration from the above tables) and providing no other injections had taken place, the level would be reduced to 50mg. Again, a further 4.5 days down the line and levels would have dropped to 25mg, and the value keeps halving every 4.5

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