Fina: powder vrs pellets

  1. powder vrs pellets

    The subject is Fina....what is the difference between final product made from powder vrs pellets? Thanks bros.

  2. the powder is pure trenbolone, where as the pellets have binders and other crap in em. sorry, not a real detailed description, just trying to give u a basic idea

  3. Other than the pellets being legal to purchase, I don't see why anyone would choose the pellets over the powder if one has access to it.

  4. Nothing at all..just got to make the pellets into a powder. The compound..once the pellets are processed, is the same..trenbolone acetate.

  5. Thanks for the replies fellas. This fina research has been interesting to say the least. Thanks for keeping it simple for

  6. Because the pellets are legal to purchase. Wouldn't they be the product of choice?


  7. You got it gymrat. It is legal..til you use them for something other than your cow

  8. Tren acetate powder is getting pretty expensive. Sometimes it's actually cheaper to use the pellets.


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