What is better 1-ad or 1-t

  1. What is better 1-ad or 1-t

    I don't know what to do , I have mag-10 one bottel and i would like to buy some ph. I think about nutrex 1-nu or 1-ad
    What is better ?

  2. If you take a transdermal, then 1-test is the best. If you insist on taking an oral I would go with 1-AD.

  3. Agreed. Transdermals are the best option, but: Ethergels have had some decent reports, but for your $$, go with 1-ad if you want an oral cycle. I did notice some hair shedding on 1-AD (as did many others), so that's also something to watch out for.

  4. stick with the best. although 1ad seems to be pretty damn good for what it is, it doesn't compare result or value-wise to trans

  5. agreed... Talk to ya..
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