Critique my cycle

  1. Critique my cycle

    Well here is what it looks like:
    weeks 1-12 EQ 500mg week injecting 1 time a week
    1-4 30mg Danabol DS (Should I leave this in our take it out Help)
    1-10 test E 500mg a week inject 2 250mg injections
    PCT: week 14-16 NOLVA 14-15 40mg 16-20mg
    HCG-250 IUs 2x a week
    .5 Armidex if bloated
    please critique anything or make changes. I am 5'10 180 lbs looking for a gain in LBM. Will be working out 4-5 days a week. I will consume 4500-5000 cals a day with 250-300g's of protien.

  2. use the hcg during the cycle and not for pct. if you are looking for lean gains then sbol may not be the best oral, you may just want to jumpstart with test prop. your PCT should be at least 4 weeks long. if the nolva is liquid nolva use a 60/40/40/20 dosing schedule.

    since you are pinning the test twice a week why not mix the EQ in the same pin so you get more even blood levels of eq?

  3. shoot the eq twice a week with your test

    extend the test e to 13 weeks so the eq and test clear at the same time .. i would lower the eqq to 400 for your first time, but 500 would be ok too
    hcg beginning week 3 until pct
    go ahead with the dbol
    i'd up the protein and aim for 400 a day

  4. shoot the eq twice a week with your testDo you mean like draw them up in the same needle or on the same day/time

  5. draw them up in the same syringe shoot together

  6. Thanks any specific order which to draw first?

  7. nope won't matter they are both oil based

  8. If i were to stick my needle in the Eq first then in the Test E wouldnt it be bad b/c the Eq will mix with the test E? Thansk for the fast responses Glen

  9. nope, shouldnt make a difference...only thing I have never mixed are oil and water-based as that will nto work.

    but any oil based products are perfectly compatible in the same syringe...some UG labs even carry ready made blends of EQ and test now


  10. There will be no problems of the 2 substances makign contact from the syringe thanks. One ques i just thought of should i take liv52 or some other liver protection on the cycle as well. I also want to stay with my AlA and Omega 3 fatty acids/fish oils those can still be used correct?

  11. fish oils should be used ALWAYS, they have a sleu of benefits

    and liv52 is always an option but the only thing to be worried about is the d-bol and with sufficient time off and not too long on you should be fine to recover naturally, especially since it is a first cycle.

    I usually just stick with milk thistle during cycle just in case anyways...its cheap and works


  12. Thanks for everyones quick responses and help. I am tired and gotta go to sleep thanks.


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