MDHT and endurance

  1. MDHT and endurance

    I recently started MDHT and have noticed that my heart rate is lower than usual and that I don't sweat as easily... Is this a common occurance with MDHT, or is something else the cause?

  2. That's a little bizaar. I would expect just the opposite as far as heart rate and sweatiness go, although, haven't actually used mdht personally.

  3. Im using it right now at 50mg ed and I think Im sweating more, but Im a sweaty bastard anyway. What are you noticing from the MDHT? Ive noticed increased aggressiveness w/in the first 3-4 days (especially in the am), recovery seems a little quicker, and Im not losing much muscle while doing cardio and cutting cals a few hundred, and some tightness in the prostate. No shrinkage so far

  4. It has been posted by others that it helps endurance.

  5. bump...(im a 800 runner) would this be good to add to a stack of mohn?



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