Bovine Lean Bulker

  1. Bovine Lean Bulker

    Hadn't posted in a while been kinda busy but....

    Contemplating a little experiment on my cow....cough cough. Looking to put together a 20 week lean bulker and figured I'd put my thoughts up here and let some of the knowledgable bros pick it apart and put it back together. Not interested in bloat/orals just slow steady lean gains that are easier to keep.

    Current stats are 5"7' 190lbs 9% BF, 23 years lifting experience the last 5 years solid. (Its a funny looking cow I know)

    "The Plan"

    1-20 EQ 600 mg
    5-20 TestE 500 mg
    9-18 TrenE 400 mg
    6-21 HCG 250iu twice weekly
    22-25 Nolva 60/40/30/20

  2. i would change a few things

    1-19 eq 600mg
    1-20 test e 500mg
    1-10 tren e 400mg
    rest is ok

    reasoning - eq takes a week longer than test e to clear, and i think its better to let the tren clear out in advance as its so difficult to recover from, i also recommend lowering the tren e to 400 or bumping the test to 600 as test should always be the highest in a cycle (except i believe its fine to have eq higher than test as its mild)

    and maybe through in some dbol for the first 6 weeks for ****s and giggles

  3. Thanks. Good catch on the EQ, I had forgoten about the longer half life. If my tendons were in better shape I would probably go with the TrenE for the first 10 weeks. Unfortunately I've reached the point where my connective tissues are limiting further strength increases. It sucks getting

  4. hmm makes good sense lol ... well i'm sure it won't be too much of an issue given that you're ending the tren 2 weeks early .. should be a great cycle .. keep a log here i'd be very interested in following it

  5. Doh...I am so stupid sometimes. Since I'll only be running the EQ 19 weeks I can front load the first week with 1200mg. I like the idea of starting with some Dbol, but am subject to random drug testing and testing "For Cause". Typically they just check the usuall stuff, but reserve the right to test for a wider range of compounds, including gear. Thats another reason why I'm looking for slow gains. Some of the managers I work with joke with me about using roids, I just laugh and say man if I took that stuff I would be HUGE, or no thanks I like my nuts the size they are. We all have a good laugh but I can see in their beedy little eyes that they still Thats why I'm trying to find an HRT specialist in south florida for a prescription so I don't have to worry about it.

  6. Use some Cranerry Extract capsules while you're in the tren phase to protect your kidneys from "tren stress".

  7. Good idea, much better than drinking the juice....bleh.


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