Mixing BW with QV Test E

  1. Mixing BW with QV Test E

    I've been taking Test E by QV and it was leaving big welts on my ass. Hurt like a bitch. When I inquired about this I found out that it has a high concentration of BA (Benzyl Alcohol) in it. So to reduce the pain and swelling from the BA I put .05cc of BW (bacteriostatic water) in with the 1cc of Test E then shook it up a bit and shot it. It made a significant improvement and there has been a marked decrease in pain and swelling.

    My concern is, does this effect the Test suspension in any way, and is there any reason I should NOT do this? Thanks, bros!

  2. No it shouldn't effect the test...what you need to worry about is water borne bacteria. If you used sterile techniques then you should be ok.

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    bump. Tiltowait have you tried this yet?

  4. Yeah bro. I did just as I said: pulled in 1cc of Test E from the vial then pulled in .5cc of BW. At first it bubbled up because of the water/oil thing. However, I shook it up and it mixed. Then I shot it and it made a HUGE HUGE difference. There was a slight welt, but not puffy and painful.

    So if this works out then its a heck of a solution. But, I'm still concerned about whether or not this effects the efficacy of the Test E suspension since no one has really addressed that thoroughly yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1
    bump. Tiltowait have you tried this yet?

  5. i've used BW to dilute prop for an entire cycle...never had a problem with any test E, but as far as I could tell I never had a problem with it affecting the gear...

    seemed just as potent as when I did not dilute it...workouts were a hell of a lot better though cause the painwas cut in half




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