Advice on cycle for 4-ADerm

  1. Advice on cycle for 4-ADerm

    I just started using Avant Lab's 4-ADerm last week and I could tell a difference from day one: my workout was greatly improved (more intensity/heavier weights) and my overall energy level has increased noticeably. It could be a placebo effect - we'll see over time if this continues. However, I am not using the product as directed. I only use 2 squirts, twice daily (total 4 squirts daily) vs. the 5-10 squirts, twice daily recommended. One reason: I am prone to male pattern baldness so I want to be very careful. Also, my main purpose for using it is not to build the biggest body possible (though that would always be nice). I am in my mid-40's and, although I haven't had a test of testosterone levels, my natural testosterone production has almost certinaly greatly decreased. I primarily want to add a little testosterone to my system to bring about levels that I had when I was younger. Based on my reading, increased testosterone levels should help my libido, energy, and body composition.

    Finally (after that lengthy introduction), my question: the directions advise to cycle it for 2 weeks and then take at least 4 weeks off. Since my dosage is much lower than label instructions, could I cycle longer? If so, any recommendations on cycling for my purposes/dosage would be greatly appreciated. Second question: am I using the right prohormone for my purposes, or is there a better one to use? I definitely want to avoid anything that would negatively impact libido. Thanks in advance for responses.

  2. that is directions for liability reasons only....

    since you want to just keep the test levels moderate and extended,

    ei'd go 4-8 weeks, 4ad doesn't not promote hairloss like 1test.

    at that moderate dose, i'd lean towards 6.

  3. Go 4-5 weeks on. Then be sure to take 1.5 -2x as long off cycle. Example: 4 weeks on and then 6-8 weeks off b/4 starting a new cycle.

    It sounds like you have chosen the best product for your purposes. Hair loss is a possibility with 4-AD but generally sides are less with this product than say 1-test. This site sells a 4-AD transdermal as well and is probably a little better than the one you are using.

    Do you have your post cycle supplements? 6-OXO, ZMA, and flax? That is definitely something you want to look into.

  4. Thanks for the comments labrad and maui. I am currently using Formasin in conjunction with 4-ADerm (I assume that is advisable). Should I stop taking Formasin at the end of the cycle and then start with 6-OXO? I take 2 tablespoons of Flax a day so no problem there. I'll consider ZMA, but I understand that this should be taken on an empty stomach at bedtime. Problem for me is that I like to eat before bed, but I could alter my routine. I'll look into T-4 next time around.

  5. Originally posted by GuyinLA
    Problem for me is that I like to eat before bed, but I could alter my routine. I'll look into T-4 next time around.
    you have two options. (1) take it earlier in the day (ie etween lunch and dinner, making sure its still on an empty stomach, most imporantly, w/o calcium (2) take your zma 35-45 minutes before your last meal (shake, cottage cheese,etc) sufficient time for the zma to absorb and not conflict with your last meal 45 minutes later. Sage

  6. Sage, thanks for the advice. That would work for me.

  7. ... You did pick a product that is not hard on your hair at all. If you are just doing low doses like that i would run it as long as 8 weeks if I were you.. It will help you keep your gains and since they will be slow from low doses and its nor you will want to be on longer...I would run it as long as 8 weeks... Also drop the formasin you are wasting your money. Nor won't convert to estrogen so you won't egt gyno and at those low doses l.. Keep it for after your cycle for post cycle... Like they said before cycle off for 1.5-2 times as long as you were on... Talk to ya...
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  8. Great advice from Curt as usual, 4-ad alone hasn't had many (if any) reports of thinning or shedding that I've seen on the boards. Formasin also wouldn't be necessary at that dosage. Also I wouldn't worry about the ZMA, save yourself some money with those two I'd say.


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