2 on 4 off case study

  1. 2 on 4 off case study

    This is an older article, but had some good info in it. The whoile article can be found at :


    What I found interesting was the testosterone level tests after 2 weeks. They are as follows:

    The blood test results were good. Jim started with normal values for testosterone, estradiol, all hepatic function tests, and blood lipid profile. Immediately after the two week point, he had a follow-up test. Everything remained normal except for his blood testosterone, which had dropped from 429 ng/dL to 50 ng/dL (normal range is 240-830 ng/dL), and AST, ALT, and CPK values were elevated however, this was to be expected and is not harmful, except that of course we would not wish the testosterone level to remain so low but to return to normal quickly.

    So from what I am seeing, even 2 week cycles hit the HTPA hard..dispite what proponents of the short cycles say. IMO, if your gonna get shut down, might as well run the cycle for 8-12 weeks.

  2. Well if your going to go for 8-12, why not go for more? I would really like to see a scientific article seeing the effects of a very LONG cycle. Not sure if your familiar with Fonz's 4 month fina cycle, but the recovery wasn't that bad and all liver values were fine.

    In other words, I'm trying to find a way I can justify staying on for a very LOOOONG time!
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  3. LOL, I find after about 10 weeks I lose my focus on a cycle. Keeping up the level of detail required for a longer cycle would probaby drive me nuts. You on the other hand, may be a better man than I

  4. Nah...I too lose focus but I always hate the fact that there is a possibility of losing strenght and mass. I hate that!

    Nothin like a fina rush
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  5. I don't think there was ever really any question that a two week cycle (or even shorter) would shut you down. My understanding is that the real issue is how fast the HPTA recovers. After 2 weeks the pituitary (?) is actually sensitized and some who have done the two week cycles have been tested with test levels above baseline after 3 weeks (a week to recover).

  6. Mr. Trap..if you have any research showing that, I would love to see it. This case study, the person "felt" test levels were back to normal about 3 weeks after the androgens.

    I would love to see some hard data proving the fast recovery from a short cycle..I have yet to see it

  7. brock strasser has written quite a bit about this on t- mag if i remember right , sounds good on paper , but i dont like the idea all in all . looks like a roller coaster ride to me . but then , by saying that , i might sound ignorant as **** . i will try to find some more info on this .

  8. Wardog, I'm not that up on it. Just repeating what I've read. I'm really not up on this stuff.



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