Why did my Superdrol thread get deleted?

  1. Why did my Superdrol thread get deleted?

    Just wondering. Can someone put that link back that was in the thread.

  2. No, because that link was probably source posting which is explicitly prohibited.

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  3. Yes I think it might be that. Bobo and the MOD's want to keep any mention of where you may find PH's off the board. They are banned after all. And before you say "But SD isn't on the list" Well it will be if it keeps popping up on the board on where to buy in the post ban era

  4. It doesn't have to be on the list to be illegal. I just love how all these people are suddenly lawyers and can tell me what is legal and not legal. Read the bill. The wording covers it. And that is straight from Rick Collins.

    Please remember that cases such as these aren't based on reality. Its based on the perception of reality. That last thing I need is some parents claiming their kid got Sdrol from this site.
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