Lower Abdominal swelling on cycle

  1. Lower Abdominal swelling on cycle

    Hi, I am just wondering what is causing me to experience lower abdominal swelling on my cycle? Currently, I am running 20mg of Superdrol along with 1,4-AD and RXT. Things were fine the first week, no waist increases, but now that I have entered the 2nd week, each day first thing in the morning my waist is about 1/2" larger, while my skinfold calipers still read the same measurement, meaning that the 'bloat' is internal. I experience this with all cycles I run, but I previously was told this was caused by high levels of estrogen and cortisol. Hearing this, I decided to add RXT and LXtreme to combat estrogen and cortisol, but am still experiencing the swelling.. Any ideas as to what is causing this...?

  2. ahem.... anyone.?

  3. it may be vat so sesathin could help

  4. Probably one of things we'll never find out. It could be the extra food stuck in your gut if you're on a bulking diet if not fat. Or intestinal hypertrophy which will reverse after the cycle is over who knows.

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