In regards to Matt

  1. In regards to Matt

    "Why not just back up and really describe to yourself why you are wanting to use ph's in the first place. I was not trying to be a dick when I deleted your thread, I was really trying to look out for you.. you seem like a pretty cool guy but at the same time, you are putting yourself into a situation that you might really screw up your body..."

    Bro. All I am looking for is to please just get a simple chemical based question answered? Im not looking for cycle info or sources or anything guys like wtf?!

    Why would or wouldnt water or everlear work for suspending SD?

    I would have Pmed Sledge a long time ago, but i dont have Pm's. Maybe i WOULD donate to this board, but why would i if im getting threated to get banned over such a miniscule ordeal like this?

  2. Bye Bye.

  3. We don't care what you are asking.

    We don't want your donation.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

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