What do you think about mag-10

  1. What do you think about mag-10

    What is your oppinion about this product ?

  2. its a good product if you can get it for a good price...kind of overpriced.

    i heard it tastes like sh-t but is very fast acting, i've heard good results from it....why not just go transdermal route like t1 or t1pro?

    also, go on ebay, you can get bottles for "buy it now" around $39.99-$44.99.

  3. It seems to get good feedback from users, most people report good gains and like it. But like maui said, it is hyped up and over priced. There are better products out there, namely the ones on our site here

  4. bumpalump... people say good things about it, which I found surprising at first... but these people probably had not tried transdermal prior to mag10 ... seems to be good for what it is though

  5. yeah a friend of mine used it.. it was aight but again he said it wasnt worth the money.. go t1-pro you wont regret it..



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