methyls and liver/cholesterol values

  1. methyls and liver/cholesterol values

    I know that policonasol (sp?) and red yeast rice are beneficial to cholesterol (I also use sesathin and fish oil throughout the yr) , and the various forms of ALA (I use GXR), NAC and milk thistle are beneficial to the liver. My question is in regards to worries of red yeast, as it is a statin, doing more harm than good while on a methylated cycle in terms of extra liver stress. After doing a search and a little outside research, it seems as though the concurrent use of CoQ10 along with statins will help in regards to the statins potential damaging effects on the liver. The cycle I am planning is as follows:

    wks 1-10: EQ @ 300-350 mg
    wks 3-5: Superdrol @ 20 mg/day
    wks 8-10: Superdrol @ 20mg/day
    12 days after last EQ, and 5 days after last sdrol dosage: "Active PCT" (has a nice ring, doesn't it ?)

    Weeks 1-3: Clomid (**not sure if I will need this or not??)
    Week 1-4: full dosing of activate, 3 caps/day of Rebound
    Week 5: full dosing activate, 2 caps/day rebound
    week 6: full dosing activate, 1 cap/day rebound
    week 7: full dosing activate , no rebound
    week 8: half dosing activate

    I am not going to lie, I drink about once a week, but this is a far cry from the lush I was in college. That is my only other inherent concern with the SD. I also was debating using primo opposed to the EQ, but that will seriously jack up the $$! I also debated running very low dose nolva during the cycle as it may help a bit more with the elevation of HDL cholesterol and b/c I hate bloat, though I really do not think I will see any bloat on this. Another thought was to only use nolva in wks 6-7 in between Sdrol weeks. Also, I realize 10 weeks is a rather short time on EQ, but I feel still long enough to see quality benefits.

    Rather long post, but would appreciate some feedback.......

  2. I replied in the supp forum. Hope it helps.

    Coq10 is not concerned with liver assays per say. More of a concern of lower levels in heart tissue.


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