Cissus RX--Heal tendon injuries!

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    Cissus RX--Heal tendon injuries!

    Cissus RX (Cissus quadrangularis)

    When researching the ingredients for cAMPHIBOLIC, we included Cissus Quadrangularis primarily for its anabolic effects. The anabolic effect was based on research on bone similar to Anabolic steroids.

    “Modern research has shed light on Cissus' ability to speed bone healing by showing it acts as a glucocorticoid antagonist (1,2). Since anabolic/androgenic compounds are well known to act as antagonists to the glucocorticoid receptor as well as promote bone growth and fracture healing, it has been postulated that Cissus possesses anabolic and/or androgenic properties (1,3)�

    Note: entire article

    USPlabs research team was aware that Cissus could possibly promote and heal tendon related injuries while producing a specific analgesic effect.

    From the researched article “Cissus,� It briefly states:

    “Although the bulk of the research on Cissus centers around bone healing, the possibility exists that Cissus may act to improve bone healing it may improve the healing rate of connective tissue in general, including tendons. If this is the case it would be of great benefit to bodybuilders and athletes.�

    Note: entire article

    Without much research or real world results, we shied away from promoting Cissus healing and analgesic properties. Once, cAMPHIBOLIC was offered. The Feedback started. cAMPHIBOLIC was a success. The users began reporting that besides the Fat loss and anabolic effects. cAMPHIBOLIC was relieving nagging shoulder, bicep and Knee problems that where tendon related. The amazing aspect was that the analgesic effect was instant and unlike aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. The pain relief continued! For example, one subject had an elbow problem and would take ibuprofen for temporarily pain relief. He would awake the next day with the same reoccurring pain. The subject began taking Cissus RX and would awake with moderate or slight pain and everyday the injury would get better. Along with healing the injury, He gained 6 pounds of muscle. This subject was taking 2 capsules in the morning when cortisol is highest and 2 capsules before training which is a total of 1600mg of Cissus a day. Which is below the recommended serving size. The serving size of Cissus in cAMPHIBOLIC is less than 1600mg. that leads us to conclude that Cissus heals at dose less then 1600mg. We are speculating that Cissus promotes and HEALS injury.

    One subject reported:

    “I used Cissus for one month at 1-3 grams per day. I have had a chronic
    brachialis injury for more than a year. Cissus effectively removed the
    pain comparable to a large dose of ibuprofin. After the month long
    usage my arm injury has actually improved. It bothers me little to
    none currently. The effects are very acute upon dosing in my
    experience. About 30 min after a 600mg dose and the pain killing
    effects are apparent. Two thumbs way up.�

    -Supaman ([email protected])

    Note: Supaman cAMPHIBOLIC journal can be found at

    Another reported:

    “Joints – I don’t have any major problems here but always have had niggling complaints from heavy overhead pressing in particular. Well during my time using C-AMP I have rarely felt these at all. This is not the reason I used C-AMP but it was a nice bonus.�

    Note: Slav’s cAMPHIBOLIC journal can found at: &postorder=asc&start=0

    I would like to tell you about my extraordinary results with your Cissus Quadrangularis product. I have been involved with martial arts training for many years, and I have collected my fair share of aches and pains along the way. After a long hiatus from training to start my own business, I decided to continue the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts classes that I had come to enjoy in years prior. At first, my biggest obstacle was the usual task of getting back into shape. My stamina and my technique began to develop rapidly, but so did a completely unexpected problem. About 3 weeks into my training, I began to experience severe pain in my elbows after grappling workouts. My instructor immediately recognized the symptoms as tendonitis. Determined to battle my way through the problem, I continued my workouts. With each successive class, however, my tendonitis became more severe and the duration of the symptoms increased as well. By the end of training class, I would have to ice my elbows for 20 minutes before I could grip the steering wheel of my car well enough to drive myself home. It was just about that time that I found my way to your website forum and read the cycle log of a veteran rock climber. He explained how the symptoms of a previous injury had abated while taking your cAMPHIBOLIC product. It was theorized that the Cissus Quadrangularis within this product might be responsible for the alleviation of his painful condition. With that in mind, and a quick bit of study on my own, I decided to contact Synergy and see if I could purchase the Cissus by itself. Not only was Synergy more than willing to honor my request, but I found myself in possession of the Cissus in less than a week! With a healthy dose of skepticism, I returned to training at a reduced frequency and with the aid of my new “secret weapon�. I cannot tell you how incredibly shocked I was as my symptoms began to disappear with each passing day. In one week, I was almost completely symptom free! Even as I began to increase the frequency and duration of my training, the Cissus kept pace with my workload. That’s a stark contrast to the previous week when I was unable to drive myself home. Cissus Quadrangularis was nothing short of a “home run� for me, and I have already recommended this amazing product to many others for the healing of stubborn tendonitis.

    Best Regards,

    Mr. Sutterfield ([email protected])

    I urge all to read the journal at This is a truly a phenomenal in healing. In today’s market, There is not a product that HEALS tendon related injuries. The world has been medicating itself to death just to kill pain. Really folks, the pharmaceutical industry is not in the business of HEALING. They a financial conglomerate who’s main focus is to make money…lots of it! Money is not in the CURE but in RETRUN SALES. So enough ranting about a corrupt system that controls government’s activity. As we postulate, Cissus RX is healing and not just killing pain….as the commercial says “PRICELESS.� In any event, Cissus RX will be priced to sell!

    We are not claiming it works for everyone but it works! This is a PATENT PENDING product which special cultivation methods. There is no doudt in our minds that many companies will try replicate, but the secret lies in cultivation methods.

    Presale begins March 21, 2005 and shipping starts March 28 2005.

    Buy 3 get one FREE promotion at!!

    Direct all question to forum called “Cissus Rx.�


  2. Being one of the subjects mentioned above (suffering from chronic lifting and sports related lateral epicondylitis) I felt compelled to chime in here and let readers know just how effective Cissus RX was in my case. Virtually my entire adult life I have been involved in some activity that is hard on the elbow tendons: rock climbing, banging nails during summers to work my way through college, lifting, jiu jitsu, and now fencing. I'm still banging nails, but now working for myself remodelling homes for resale.

    I've taken months off at a time to let the tendons heal, been good to go for a while, and then it always comes back. I've used DMSO, Deca, corticocosteroid injections from my orthopedic surgeon, you name it. Always with long frustrating periods of inactivity allowing it to recover.

    With the discovery of Cissus, everything has changed. I can take Cissus RX and continue my activities. And the weight gain reported above was lean body mass, as determined by calipers, not fat mass, attesting to the anabolic as well as healing properties of Cissus RX.

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