got questions about stack and cycle

  1. got questions about stack and cycle

    I've been researching prohormones and decieded to cycle a 4-ad and 19-nor for six to eight weeks this is my first real atempt to get some gains since I started lifting after a neck injury while playing hockey. Anyway I've read some amazing things about 1-test and I'm wondering if I should cycle this right after my current cycle or wait a few weeks?

  2. After a cycle, you should wait 1.5-2x the length of your previous cycle b/4 you begin a new cycle. It doesn't matter if you are using different ph/ps.

  3. IF you want mass, ditch the 19nor, 4-ad and go with 1-test. People cut with 19nor/4-ad cycles. I suggest saving it, doing a T-1 Pro mass cycle, then using the other hormones to cut with, like Labrad said, 1.5 or 2 times the length you were on the 1-Test cycle later.

  4. So, in your case if you did a 6 week cycle(I would not go any longer) you should wait at least 9-12 weeks b/4 your new cycle.

  5. thanks for the input, i'll do what you suggested hopefully i'll be able to get some good gains from your advice. thanks again.



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