2 weeks into 1t/4ad cycle, and thinking about how to finish it.

  1. 2 weeks into 1t/4ad cycle, and thinking about how to finish it.

    I have ~ 2weeks left of my 1t/4ad cycle left. So far everything has gone well, very mild lethargy being my only side effect thus far.

    That said I have a question to ask you more experienced guys. I have some phlojel ultra leftover (like MAYBE 10grams or so as I havent measured, just eyeballed it), and won't be running another cycle until at least september, I was thinking of throwing in a gram of 1t or 4ad (which one would be a better choice? im currently at 200/300 1t/4ad daily) into it and adding it to my current dose while still keeping the cycle the same length. Any problem with this?

    Next the burning question on my mind has been, how bad of an idea would it be to do m1t @ 5-10 gms for the last week or so of the cycle? Like I said, I don't plan on doing another cycle for a while and want to squeak out as much gains as possible out of this one.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Anyone??

  3. this depends on your goals. for lean gains add the 1t. for bulking add the 4ad. I have problems keeping my gains on long cycles or heavy cycles and m1t at the end would make recovery tough for me. if you have some good pct you could try the m1t.

  4. Most definately NOT going for lean gains, I'm eating everything I can choke down (read not really a clean bulking diet) I have nolvadex on hand and ready to go for PCT, I think I may do the m1t as I am going to run out of my damn 1t/4ad 'dermals early due to my first timer homebrewing mistakes.

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