1,4AD Dione and Diol combo in a cycle

  1. 1,4AD Dione and Diol combo in a cycle

    Hey guys,

    I would appreciate some help from you guys, so let me get the ball rolling with my stats:

    BF%:12%(not internet % either)
    AAS history:10 years on and off
    PH history: 1 1/2 years

    I acquired (too long a story) some PH's last weekend and want some opinions on how to combine these in a cutting cycle or if it's even a good idea to do so. This is what I have:

    1) 120 pills- 300mg/pill 1,4AD 'diol' version
    2) 180 pills- 100mg/pill 1,4AD 'dione' version
    3) 50ML- 100mg/ml Test Propionate

    The Test Prop is a Syno conversion, so an AI and Nolva will be used throughout the cycle. I mention it's a syno conv. because it will be important in a little bit.

    First, I would like to know if I could use a the 'diol' version at 900mg-1200mg ED, and when I run out of the 'diol' version run the 'dione' version at 600mgED? This would of course be used concurrently with 75mgED of TP for 6-8 weeks depending on what the optimum 1,4AD dosages would be needed.

    From what I've read 1,4AD 'dione' converts to estrogen, before it converts to Boldenone. Now since I would be using an AI and Nolva throughout my cycle (used because using a Syno conversion)would there be lower conversion rate of the 'dione' version to Boldenone because of the AI/Nolva? Any feedback would greatly be appreciated!!

    I was about to start a TP/TA/Winny cycle 4/01/05, but I was thinking since I have the 1,4AD compounds, I just might put them to use now and do the AAS cycle, on a later date. Once again Thank you and any suggestions/comments
    are welcome!

  2. I would stack the 1,4 diol and dione to go to 1100-1200mg for all your cycle. 6 weeks should be ok.
    I'm not fond of test, but I believe u need HCG if u are running it for 6+ weeks.

  3. You don't need HCG for a 6-week cycle.

    SYR is right about the dosing levels--over a gram a day, go ahead and mix. You're dosing of test and 1,4 is low enough that you probably could get by without an AI, but that's your call.

    I've got more info--email me: [email protected]

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