Alternative sterilizing procedure (microwaving)?

  1. Alternative sterilizing procedure (microwaving)?

    Hi guys, I've always read that its the rapid heating and cooling of your homebrew research solutions that sterilizes it. Along this line, would transferring the vial of solution from the microwave to the freezer repeatedly achieve the same, or better effect than baking it in the oven?

    I thought it might be a tad better with microwaving since liquids heat up pretty quickly in the microwave as compared to a conventional oven. Is this correct? Or is baking still better? Did anyone ever tried this?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. That is actually a really BAD idea. Your vial will explode in the microwave even if you vent it with pins. DO NOT try this. You will regret it. It will increase the pressure far too fast and will not be as effective as oven heating at all.

  3. Also as microwaving goes for sterilization it is a bad idea. You end up with way to many unevenly heated spots, which allow the bacteria to continue to survive. The best way is to autoclave it.. but not everyone has access to an autoclave

  4. Also, autoclaving oil based solutions takes a LONG time to sterilize: HOURS under heat and pressure.

  5. Negative on the autoclaving of oils to sterilize taking hours... I will have to look it up but it is NOT hours... and it usually based on the volume of the material

  6. I believe autoclaves take less than a few hours, and get up to around 140 C (moist heat kills the most microbes, ever!). Also, i believe they use ethylene oxide gas or formaldehyde.

    But, the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of most microbes is a 0.22 um filter, which are pretty common. But what are you worried about really, i mean, stomach acid will fry anything in the solutions that may harm you.

    Yeah, like they said, don't microvave it.

  7. I don't think he meant oral solutions. I think it was for injectables.

  8. Aha. I guess the keyword was homebrew.
    Nonetheless, what I said sans the stomach part still applies.

  9. BTW this may be a moot point but taking a Hot glass continer and heating up and then rapidly cooling it down is no good you will break or crack the glass. Ever heard of how your not supposed to throw a bucket of cold water on a hot (like in te summer sun)windsheild? if its been sitting in the sun the rapid cooling can cause it to crack same with this microwave and freezer thing. Plus i think there is another threadin this forum on how its bad for the hormones.


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