Enanthate powder

  1. Enanthate powder

    I've read some places that the test E powder is waxy and yellow and others say that its a white "powder." Is the white powder form ok to use? I guess a melting test would confirm this as well.

  2. the only type i have seen is waxy and yellow ...

  3. It depends on the purity from the supplier.

  4. Only seen the white powder.

    *This was taken from a post made at bb.com under homebrewing. Not my picture.

    Edit- On the other hand, now that Im looking at it, it does have a yellow tint to it, or maybe I have drank too much coffee today
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  5. It does have a yellowish colour to it. Also, that pic looks like it may have been refrigerated or frozen. If enan is allowed to go to room temperature it will become a thick, waxy semi-solid. It also has a rather horrible smell to it.

  6. the ones ive seen are yellowish and waxy

  7. It depends, how it was processed, how hot it got during the shipping, how fine the powder is. you can't tell just by looking you need to do a melting point test.

  8. Thanks guys for the help... im pretty sure its legit


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