Steroids the new Communism: a mandatory read for all involved.

  1. Steroids the new Communism: a mandatory read for all involved.

    There was a time in the 1950’s when Congress lead by Senator Joe McCarthy
    Labeled just about any liberal American he could a Communist traitor.
    Upon being deemed a Communist you were black listed from American society. As the story unfolds McCarthy lead his incriminate Communist hearings void of factually information and thus ruined the lives of so many innocent people. For McCarthy Communism presented an issue without opposition, no one in the era of the cold war would lobby Communism to be a good thing.

    Which leads us to Congresses latest political endeavor the War of Steroids. Much like Communism the public persona based on media information and Hollywood engrossment is that Steroids are an undeniable evil. One of the problems is that Steroids have been forever linked in the athletic world to “Cheating?, and Americans hate cheaters. Another problem is what I call the “meathead persona?, Bodybuilders as a class based on stereotypes are considered on the lower end of the Darwin scale. Adonis males with elevated test levels and small IQ’s. Public persona will always deem steroid users as cheaters, drug addicts or overbearing belligerent ego feed males that pose a threat to the common man.

    As a whole Americans enjoy having the excuse that getting old entitles you the ability to gain the preverbal beer gut, while your estrogen-laden man boobs hang from your shirt like a pair of sloppy middle age breasts. See the average male by the time he reaches fifty contains more estrogen in his body then testosterone. A women-hitting menopause can opt to enjoy the benefits of hormone replacement therapy without a doctor blinking an eye, but a male in the similar scenario will be written a script for Levitra, Prozac, Botox or whatever overpriced wonder drug the pharmaceutical empire is pushing at the time.

    We live in a lazy society and Steroids are viewed as an unethical form of
    physical improvement, Joe public will state “you don’t even need to work out with those things, you just gain solid muscle.? Meanwhile Women are free to get their Cellulite sucked out of their ass, silicone jammed into their breasts and collagen shoved into their lips. Why, because men covet women who have enhanced cartoonist like features regardless of the health concerns. It is the same reason we pump Nubain into football stars like Steve Mcnair, so he doesn’t feel the pain of his chronic injuries that will one day leave him crippled. I ask you is masking an Athletes damage with painkillers not performance enhancing?

    So there you have it Congress has the perfect issue to present to American on a diamond plate; all the while ensuring that the housewives of Middle American will approve of their heroic effort and remember that their government actions saved a potential epidemic come election time.

    Now the whole thing snowballs. Take little 17-year-old Johnny who popped a couple dballs in order to make the varsity football team. Everyday he is bombarded with media coverage that the government is going to make an example of his heroic sports figures. He is naïve to the nuances of the judicial system and figures he may be the next to go to jail.

    So during Monday night family dinner Johnny drops the bomb to his parents, “Mom..Dad me and a couple of the guys on the team took steroids.? Now we know the pencil pushers in Washington are not going to blame little Johnny his coach or his parents for ineffective discipline in raising their child. So it is time to blame his hero’s, “That ****in Big Mac Mark MacGwire caused my son to try steroids? Dad emphatically proclaims. Now little Johnny is a mortar to be paraded into Congress as a star witness that Baseball is killing our youth. It is the same lame excuse that crucifies the music industry or a video game for rampant teenage mass killings.

    Then you add to the mix the ignorant irresponsible media that has done zero research on the true nature of steroid use and well you have ignited a fire that is raging out of control. Much like the Salem Witch trails you are left with a public that is ready to pillage and destroy the great evil that is steroids, folks this is pure propaganda technique GWBush style. So where does this lead us, the responsible anabolic user? Unfortunately without an effective lobby group and the fear of using an illegal substance hindering most responsible users from speaking out, we have very little options.

    One hope lies in the very institution that at this point is creating the biggest misconceptions about steroids, the media. Contrary to public opinion the Government is not the most powerful entity in the nation the media is. My belief is that Congress may have hurt itself by holding these baseball hearings. For the first time I have read in the papers and listened on the radio to reporters that have denounced these hearings as an abuse in Government power. If through education we can inform the media about responsible HRT anabolic usage we may have a shot at reversing public opinion. Unfortunately I foresee a scenario far worse for the next several years, Steroids will become a class I drug (regardless of the fact that they have true medical uses) resulting in crack and heroin like penalties. We must come together as a community with leaders such as Rick Collins and HRT doctors to create a lobby group and educate the masses.

  2. Good article.

    Who wrote this?

    And is there a site this is hosted at? Link?

  3. lol. I wrote it

  4. Wow! Good job highintensity! I agree things are getting uglier with all these future Senate hearings.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by highintensity
    lol. I wrote it
    Make sure you do a proof read though, bro. There are a couple mispelled words in their that have hillarious consequences. I'd change the analogy too. McCarthy was an evil unprincipled ****, but he did get a couple things right. What's more, you don't want to alienate Republicans. I remember from my drug legalization activism days, the first thing prolegalization people teach you is that if you're going to get any help, it's going to come from Republicans.

  6. good write bro. sounds like something that should be an article in muscular development.
    Last edited by Beelzebub; 03-17-2005 at 01:20 PM.

  7. you make some good points in this.... but trying to relate communism and steriods is a little over board for me.


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