my 50 day cutting cycle coming up ! check it out !

  1. my 50 day cutting cycle coming up ! check it out !

    1) trenbolone acetate 75 mg ed .
    2)winstrol 50 mg ed injected .
    3)proviron 50 mg ed .
    4)cla 7 gms a day .
    5) taurine 4 gms a day .
    6)creatine , loading in the beginning and then 10 gms a day thro out .
    7)bcaa's 20 gms or so sipped during workout .
    8)usnic acid - 500 mg ed - 10 days on 10 days off .
    9)arimidex - 1 mg eod .
    10)thyroxine 200 mcg through out .
    11)first 25 days EC stack , with yohimbine hcl 20 mg , green tea extract , etc .
    12) albuterol - days 15 - tabs per day
    6,6,6,7,7,7,8,8,8,9,9,9,10,10, 10, 4,3,2 .
    yeah lol , will try to get upto 40 mg albuterol <IMG alt="" src="" border=0> lets see how that goes .
    13) ala 1 gm a day .
    14)vit c - 5 gms ed .
    15) virgin olive oil - 1 tsp <IMG alt="" src="" border=0> .
    well , there ya go , its kinda long , but ive outlined evrything i'm going to do , i'm pretty cut already , like 10 % or so , lets see how much lower i can get down to .
    right now , am 239 pounds , hope to be at like 230 or so at end of 50 days (reasonable) .
    what do u all think ?

  2. man that looks harsh bro , but i havent tried ua so im not exactly an expert.

  3. what looks harsh bro ?? looks pretty safe to me . the winny is injected , so passes the liver only once as opposed to taken orally . only thing to think of is ua , which is 500 mg , very low dose .

  4. im just scared of ua , but that is a low dose, as i said im no expert.
    good luck bro.

  5. 9 pounds in 50 days seems very reasonable to me, on that stack. Good luck Ray...............



  6. 20mg Y HCL is a little high, no? Especially with the ECA. Careful with the albuterol.

  7. isnt it Clen not albuterol ?Albuterol is inhaled NOT tabs UNLESS SOMETHIN NEW IS OUT?i have its for asthma rite or is there sumthin i DONT know?

  8. albuterol comes in inhalers and 4 mg tabs too nitro , and yes its for asthama , same as clen . both are b2 agonists .
    and scotty , yohimbine is basically 2 mg for every 20 pounds of the indivudual , so i am well within the prescribed dosage .

  9. I get a little excited on about 5mg Y when I take it.

  10. well , hasnt happened to me bro , ive used it for quite a while now .

  11. Can you use the Albuterol suck thing as the same as clen itself or since i can get clen should i just use the real deal THANX!

  12. like i said , either will do , clen has a longer half life than albuterol , so u need to take albuterol evry 4 hrs or so , but then again , most people split up clen doses too becos they cant handle the jitters when taken together , so u can use either , if u can get clen , go with that , but albuterol is cheaper and just as effective if u ask me .

  13. Hell bro, I love the cycle. My only suggestions are:

    1: I like some kind of test in there. Thats just me. I know the bloat issue, but femurea or armi will stop that

    2. I like femura as opposed to armidex. It is a bit costlier, but it increases IGF-1 levels, A decreses them, and I have read that femura somehow interferes with fat cells. From my experience of using it, I always end up leaner when I run it with a cycle. I also have used it this cycle as part of my posts cycle..and it seems to be keeping me lean while I am trying to keep cals high.

  14. wardog , tren is much much more effective at igf-1 release compared to test , and some arimi wont hurt . and for my libido , i got the proviron , and its almost a must do protocol among pro circles that tey drop test close to contest .

  15. Fair enough bro, I know tren is better than test, I was considering just adding the test, certainly not removing the tren.

    Armi will not hurt at all, I just find femura to be superior.

    Just my opinion bro..good luck

  16. Test would certainly add to that cycle.... But I;m not knockin it, because I'm going to do a similar one soon.... without the test too.... My reason is the acne.... Test kills me with acne, the others aren't that bad.....

    9 pounds is very reasonable, obviously protein will be high enough to make sure you lose fat not muscle.... Keep that diet solid and you're golden!!

    Good Luck!! Keep us posted!!

  17. i got 350 mg of proviron instead of test , more than enough for all needs test can fullfil . and me losing muscle ? i think i'm going for the fat loss at a reasonable rate , so seems unlikely , and tren is such a good anti catabolic .

  18. With what your running, you could lose more without comprimising any muscle loss. I have a question though? Why so much arimidex? 1mg EOD seems overkill without any aromitizing AAS in your stack. You could get the same results with half that. I like wardog's idea of femara instead too.
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  19. umm yeah i got that feel too , but its generic arimi , i havent used this before , so i was thinking i wud be a lil over cautious . yeah maybe it is a lil over kill . i will see how it goes and maybe change dosage , the arimi pills are already so small for me to cut them into half lol .

  20. LOL..yeah true they are small. Just watch out for joint probs with that much androgen and so little estrogen, especially towards the end. You might be able to avoid it altogether since your only going for 50 days. Plus you seem to have anough EFA's to help it out. Good Luck bro...
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