cycle critique please

  1. cycle critique please

    weeks 1-6:
    test e 1000mg
    deca 400mg
    dbol 50mg e.d

    weeks 7-14

    test e 1000mg
    deca 400mg

    is 3 weeks after last shot sufficient for pct? what dosages of nolva and clomid would you recommend? hcg throughout would probably be used not too sure on it though, if i can do without id like too.

    also do you thing 2ml in the delts and 3ml in quads every week are ok?

  2. That looks like a good cycle to me. I have run similar cycles with good success with Test/EQ/Dbol. I would suggest to run the test one week longer than the deca so they clear your body at the same time and start pct 2 weeks after your last test inject.

    I personally usually run Nolva: 60/40/30/20 (wk 1/2/3/4) Clomid: 100/75/75/75.
    I can't help with the delt injects because I can't stand them. (I must be a puss because some guys swear by delt injects). Try the 3ml in the glutes instead of the quads. Quads are somewhat painful for me with 2.5ml, but I think it is ok to do if you insist.

  3. i would definately run HCG with that cycle. no, it's not required, but your nuts will thank you and PCT will be that much easier.

  4. run the test a week past the deca so the esters clear at the same time ... what's your stats and cycle history that you feel you need a gram of test?

  5. As far as result, 1g vs 750mgs are pretty much the same, at least in my experience. Youll definitely need an AI with tha much test. ID opt for Aromasin, or DS's Rebound XT has worked exceptionally well for me so far on 100mgs of T Prop ed.

  6. 18 stones i think thats around 250 pounds @ around 12/13% b.fat


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