Custom ph Formula

  1. Custom ph Formula

    avant gel with 10g 1-test and 10g 4-ad. Im going to add dmso to this, I know it is it a little much. Does this mean when I use this my doseages should be like 2-3 squirts 2x/day or should I go for more (this is when I use it). and while im taking a break should I throw it in the fridge, or not?

  2. 20g is heck of a lot. i would cut back the total androgens to 12-15g and use 6-8 squirts twice a day instead of the more dense mix, and the lower squirt/day. If this is your first cycle however, 6 squirts twice a day should be enough. Sage

  3. You will probably be wating allot if you put that much in. It will be like chalk comming out... Put only the recomended in or you won't be happy. talk to ya...
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  4. its my 2 1/2 (one got cut short cuz i wasnt taking care of myself while on). So are you saying this wont be effective? What are some of the problems that would arise? Have I ruined it? As far as im concerned as long as im getting good gains like I did from superone+ (+3extra grams of 1-test) which would equal around 18 total im gonna be fine with it. Let me know if there is anything else I should beware of. I am currently on a break from this, and wont start until the beginning of april, but man I CANT WAIT!!!!

  5. 15g is the maximum amount of PHs that the PH Gel can hold. Anything above that risks not getting absorbed. If you already added it... I dunno, curt2go may need to help you add some more ingredients to help even it out and you'd need a bigger bottle. If the brew looks okay, just heat it before application.

  6. Was storing this in the freezer for a week a bad idea?

  7. Originally posted by Rictor33
    Was storing this in the freezer for a week a bad idea?
    Haha... its not recommended, but hopefully it shouldn't cause any problems.


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