Packaging ideas

  1. Packaging ideas

    If anyone has any ideas on how i can get some powders in from china, please shoot me a PM. Thanks!

  2. powders are easy, the packager should be ablt get it through without a problem

  3. Originally posted by grafix-gnc
    powders are easy, the packager should be ablt get it through without a problem
    Nope, there have been tons of seizures lately. The reason i'm asking is because the company i'm getting them from don't ship to Canada because of the great risk of seizure. If i give them some really good methods than they will give it another shot. So any ideas guys, keep it to PM's. Thanks!

  4. a lot of seizures are happening primarily on the west coast, find someone on the east coast for you so it doesnt have to go through customes in San Fransisco.

  5. yeah , canadian customs seem to be very hard to get thro , but how will u knowing diff packing methods help u get the powders across ? it all depends upon the shipper's methods doesnt it ? u plan to suggest him diff methods ?

  6. Probably not a good idea to post packaging ideas on an open forum brah , if you got a good source he will get it through but quite honestly , steroids right now are kinda like the tuna caught in the shark net , not really what they are looking for, but they will take them anyway , It is just to hot right now for international trade

  7. I don't want any ideas posted here just pm'd to me. The source doesn't usually ship to canada BUT if i can give him some good shipping ideas he'll give it another shot. I do know of sources that will ship here but their prices are 3 times what this guys are. Do packages coming to Canada come through San Fran?

  8. bump on San Fransico being hot as hell. Anything on the other side of the Pacific coming into San Fran will probably not make it.

    I'm not sure where shippments going to Canada go through, maybe the Canadian mail service website or Customs would have infomation about where and how packages are routed.


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