Cytotam-10 Real or Fake

  1. Cytotam-10 Real or Fake

    My friend was in Belize and he came across these in a pharmacie (sp). I went to their website and it seems legit and i found this product on it. I have 3 x 10 blisters. I was wondering if any of you ever tried these or know if they are any good. I tried to look up the batch number but i coundt find a site for it. The batch number is C204.60 if any one knows a site to check them. Sorry for the crappy pics but thats all i could do with my digi. Im thinking of taking these as a pct for M1t or 1-ad. Not sure which one yet. Thanks alot . P.s is it alright if i post the price i paid jsut to see if i got an okay deal.
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  2. yeah its legit, unless u buy it from an unknown source u generally have very little to worry about bro.. ur friend got it from a pharmacy u say, its normally legit... and i checked it as well... normally, there are so many brands of tamoxifen out there and its very foolish to think that all other brands of tamoxifen other htan nolvadex are to be doubted... go ahead and use it without worries.

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