How To MeasureMy Clen/T3 From IBE

  1. How To MeasureMy Clen/T3 From IBE

    Can I use a regular syringe and 23' needle for measuring out my Clen and T3 I bought from IBE?

  2. i believe so, at least I have seen others recommend using a syringe. I have a measuring syringe and plug (kit) i bought at the pharmacy (off the shelf) used for these type of things. works great and when the bottle is empty, i pull the plug and save it for another bottle. There is a cap on the plug and a hole to put in the syringe so no spilling either. just a thought if you plan on using alot of these. real cheap too.

  3. What pharmacy? Can I get it at any pharmacy like a Walgreens!or a Longs Drugs Store? Whats the name of it?

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