T3 while bulking....

  1. T3 while bulking....

    I've heard T3 can be taken in low doses to aid in nutrient partitioning and actually help add muscle in this regard.

    I was wondering what the typical doses are for such a purpose.

  2. Others that I have spoken with say to keep T3 at a maximum dosage of 12.5-25 mcg while bulking or you won't put on much size, no matter how much gear you're on. But in BTPB, Author L. Rea suggests using doses of 25-50 mcg, and that it is suppossed it aid in the partitioning effect. I guess it would also be size dependent, as most of the cycles that he proposes are geared towards guys that are almost 300 lbs. I myself am only 200 lbs. at the moment so I probably wouldn't go over 25 during a bulker, no matter what.

  3. I remember reading that the equivalent dose of T3 to normal production is about 15-20mg/day, so if you want it to actually do anything you'd probably want to go to around 35-50. Of course this will also mean you will have to eat more, which is a significant issue... Put some EQ in there if you're going to do this, and have some high density calorie sources on hand.

  4. I don't think T3 works good for everyone. I took up to 100 mcg and coupled it with M1T and a clean diet and actually gained 6 pounds in two weeks. Some of this could be water weight though since my weight is almost back to normal now.

  5. I'll go with 40mcg per day. Afterwards of course I'll follow it up with 7OH and some L-Tyrosine. I'm hoping the added benefit will be a decrease in fat gain.

  6. Good luck man, I think I'm going drug free for a while. If Orotropin pans out though I'll probably go with that next. I'm really trying to tweak my diet to make it a lot better. It definitely wasn't as good as I thought it was.

  7. Null,

    what's happening bro ?

    personally i wouldn't opt for anything that increases caloric expenditure while bulking ... T3 is good cutting agent, but can be more catabolic than anything else if used incorrectly ..

    rather run it post cycle, with some prop ...


  8. Haven't started it yet. Will start it after I'm finished with the Superdrol portion of this cycle. Btw, the cycle looks like this:

    Week 1-4: 30mg Superdrol ED
    Week 1-4: 600mg 4AD ethergels ED (because I had them and I don't foresee an additional use for them in the future; figured they might help kickstart things)
    Week 1-12: 600mg 4AD cyp twice weekly (1200mg per week)
    Week 1-12: 400mg 1-Test cyp twice weekly (800mg per week)
    Week 11-16: 48mg M4OHN ED
    Week 13-16: 100mg M5AA ED

    Week 1-12: 250IU HCG twice weekly
    Week 13-16: 500IU HCG twice weekly
    Week 1-12: 1.25mg Letro ED (I am VERY prone to estrogenic sides; through personal discovery I learned that anything less than 1.25mg didn't stop my nipples from becoming sore and puffy)

    So, I'll throw in some T3 starting week 5 and run it weeks 5-8 or maybe even 5-10.

    Oh yeah, stats:

    weight: 208
    height: 5'6"
    bf: 13%

  9. Instead of T3, why not try an uncoupler first? Either Sledges (which should be out around week 5 of your cycle) or UA?

  10. Well, I'm weary of uncouplers simply because at the moment I am not terribly familiar with how they work.

    T3 however I am more familiar with, and my understanding is that T3 doesn't just increase caloric expenditure; it enhances nutrient partitioning. Thus, as long as you increase your calories sufficiently, it can actually increase muscle building rather than decrease it. T3 is only catabolic in hypocaloric conditions. Of course since T3 increase caloric expenditure so greatly, it is very easy to be hypocaloric while taking T3.

  11. Put some good oils in too man: Coconut/Flax/Fish works well because T3 strongly lowers your cholesterol level, and with anti-e's and no real strongly aromatizing stuff in the cycle (which looks good BTW) you might really destroy your HDL. I'd say 12.5mics and work up not higher that 50.

    For example, don't combine T3 w/ deca, I developed sclerotic veins before I could even finish the cycle! First you get this wired looking vasculature all over, then the veins bruise and if you don't stop collapse. Don't let you estrogen hit zero, and supp with good oils.


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